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  • Posted On:17 Jan 2019
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
Apcalis Jelly Will Remedy Your Sexual Problems

This is your fifth date with a wonderful woman with whom you are slowly but surely falling in love. There is a lot of sexual connection between the two of you and you both know that tonight is the night it is all going to happen. You cannot wait to make love to this beautiful lady who fulfils your wishes and desires and you know that she cannot wait either.

The foreplay is amazing and then to your great shock and disappointment you suddenly lose your erection. This has only happened to you when you were in a previous unhappy relationship. You cannot believe this is happening and you are worried that she will be put off. You can avoid situations like this one if you buy Apcalis Jellies online.

An Explanation of Apcalis Jelly

Apcalis Jelly which is the generic version of Cialis, contains the active ingredient tadalafil 20mg and it is taken by men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. The only difference between Apcalis Jelly and Cialis is that you can buy Apcalis Jellies online at a much more affordable price than it costs to buy Cialis.

How Does Apcalis Jelly Work?

When a man is sexually aroused he gets an erection because more blood flows into his penis. When he reaches orgasm, blood flows out of the penis allowing it to return to its flaccid state. What governs this process are two important enzymes, namely, cGMP and PDE-5.

cGMP dilates vessels in the penis to let in more blood and PDE-5 degrades the action of the cGMP enzyme to allow the erection to subside. Apcalis Jelly blocks the work of the PDE-5 enzyme for up to 36 hours meaning that the man can enjoy hours of sexual activity provided there is sexual stimulation as well.

What is the Best Way To Take Apcalis Jelly?

Take one sachet 15 – 30 minutes prior to having sex and it will begin to work in as little as 15 minutes. Do not exceed the dosage when you buy Apcalis Jellies online as the medication will not work any better and you will experience adverse side effects. Do not take the jellies if you have been drinking alcohol.

Buy Apcalis Jellies Online For Better Sex

There is no need to trouble yourself with going to a pharmacy and standing in a queue when you can order Apcalis Jelly online from our respected Kamagra pharmacy and we will deliver it to your doorstep. No prescription is required when you order top quality generics from us.