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  • Posted On:23 Jul 2018
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
Buy Sildenafil UK citizens answer to severe erectile dysfunction

Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction? You are certainly not alone. Nearly half of men between over 40 in the UK suffer from erectile dysfunction to some degree. Sadly, only a fraction of these men will do anything about this condition due to embarrassment. In fact, studies show a large percentage of men with erectile dysfunction would rather leave their relationship than seek help.

If you are one of these men, there is hope. You can now buy Sildenafil UK preferred anti-ED medication. Sildenafil is a highly effective erectile dysfunction medication and is available online without prescription.

What is malegra and how does it work?

Malegra is a generic of the widely known erectile dysfunction medication, Viagra. It is almost identical in every way; however malegra has an extra 20mg of sildenafil citrate-the active ingredient in Viagra and its generics. This extra 20mg makes a remarkable difference in effectiveness, and can treat even the most severe cases of erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil releases nitrous oxide into the body which activates an enzyme that causes increased blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection. It takes about 30 minutes to work and lasts up to 6 hours.

Are there side effects?

Malegra 120mg is safe and FDA approved, but there are some common but mild side effects, including dizziness, face flushing, headaches, upset stomach and blurred vision. These effects don’t last too long and are will not cause concerns or long term damage.

Buy Sildenafil UK men’s answer to erection problems - online

Now you can treat even severe erectile dysfunction by purchasing malegra from a licensed online pharmacy without a prescription. In just a few clicks you can purchase top quality anti-ED medications quickly, safely, discreetly and at the lowest prices. You can opt to buy in larger quantities for a cheaper price and delivery should be expected within 2-5 and 5-10 working days in the UK and EU.