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  • Posted On:15 Jul 2019
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
If you have ED, Take Sildenafil Tablets

You are in your mid-60s and you have been single for three years. Recently you met a woman with whom you get along famously. You share the same sense of humour, you enjoy similar movies and you both enjoy eating out. Everything is going along fantastically except for the sex. You tried to use a sex remedy but it did not work.

You know you have been out of practice for a long time but the problem is an embarrassing one and you do not want to disappoint your new partner. All is not lost. There is a great erectile dysfunction (ED) remedy on the market that is taken by men who need that extra boost in the bedroom: Malegra 120mg.

Why Should I Take Malegra 120mg?

Usually, erectile dysfunction remedies contain 100mg of sildenafil citrate – the active ingredient that enables a man to remain erect for a long time so he and his partner can enjoy satisfying sex. The 20mg more sildenafil citrate contained in Malegra 120mg might not sound like a significant increase but it works wonders for men who cannot stay hard on the standard 100mg.

In research done on the results of Malegra 120mg, men reported a noticeable increase in their sexual abilities compared to the usual dosage. These sildenafil tablets give men great sexual prowess.

How Do Sildenafil Tablets Work?

  • When a man is ready to have sex, blood flows into the penis making it rigid
  • When he has a climax, the blood must flow out of the penis so that it can become soft
  • This process is facilitated by the enzyme referred to as PDE-5
  • In men who cannot maintain an erection, the PDE-5 works too soon and lets blood out of the penis before the man and his partner have had a chance to enjoy sex
  • Sildenafil tablets block the work of the PDE-5 enzyme, delaying the loss of blood from the penis

Is Malegra 120mg Safe to Use?

ED medication lowers the blood pressure so if you suffer from this condition first consult your doctor prior to taking Malegra 120mg. Also check if any other medication you are taking is compatible with sildenafil tablets. If you have a serious condition such as a heart problem do not take ED medication unless your doctor has approved.

Buy Sildenafil Tablets Online

As an older man you may find you need extra help with your sexuality and that is why you we offer Malegra 120mg at an affordable price at our trusted online pharmacy. You will receive a discount if you place a large order and we save you time and inconvenience because we will deliver the medication right to you.