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  • Michael Laskarus
  • 21 Nov 2018
Sildenafil Tablets Are Effective for ED

Unless you are negligent about your health, there is no reason to blame yourself for ED. If you are obese, you eat junk food all the time, never exercise and drink and smoke to excess then perhaps it is time to look at what can be done to improve your lifestyle habits. 

Cut back on junk food.  It is not good for your mind or body.  Yes, it is convenient and easily accessible when you are on the move but all you have to do is plan and pack. 

Plan a healthy menu and pack in a lunch such as a cold-meat sandwich or a salad.  There is no reason why you cannot do this as your health and sex life is at stake. Exercise is also vital for healthy body functioning and you do not have to do high-powered aerobics to benefit.  A 40-minute walk 3 times a week will get your blood flowing and improve your sex life enormously.

Precautions When Using Sildenafil tablets

There is no point in exceeding the recommended dose of sildenafil in the UK as you will not benefit from it. Some mild side effects such as redness in the face, upset stomach, stuffy nose, and headaches have been reported so you are well-advised not to exceed the recommended dose. It is also a good idea to remember not to mix this medicine with alcohol or nitrates.

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Author: Michael Laskarus

About Dr. Michael Laskarus

Dr Michael Laskarus holds a PhD in Psychology and specializes in male sexual functioning. He became interested in pursuing male sexual disorders during his undergraduate studies and realized that many men have sexual problems which they are embarrassed to speak about. His two main areas of expertise are in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation and his intention is to raise awareness about these common but easily remedied disorders. Dr Laskarus attained his PhD Britain and now works and travels extensively in Malaysia lecturing and editing journals on male sexuality. He is married with 2 children and spends his leisure hours snorkeling and deep sea diving.