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  • Posted On:12 Dec 2018
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
Super P Force Jelly for Sexual Problems

It is astonishing to think about the wonders of technology and medication in treating a myriad of illnesses and disorders. A medication such as Super P Force Jelly not only treats erectile dysfunction but it also treats premature ejaculation. All of this with only one tablet. That is like getting two for the price of one.

It must be a cause of great concern for a man who not only struggles to produce an erection, but climaxes too quickly. This is surely dissatisfying for him and his partner. Super P Force Jelly online is exactly the formula you need if you are struggling with ED and PE because it contains not one but two active ingredients to help you with both problems.

More About Super P Force Jelly

This remedy does not have the name ‘Super’ for no reason because it contains two active ingredients: dapoxetine as well as sildenafil citrate and they work at the same time to prevent ED and PE.

The PDE-5 enzyme enables the erection to return to a soft state after sex and sildenafil blocks the work of PDE-5 allowing for a sustained erection while dapoxetine increases serotonin levels which delays the climax.

How Do I Take Super P Force Jelly?

All you have to do is squeeze the jelly directly into your mouth 1-2 hours before you have sex. Do not exceed one sachet per day as you could incur adverse side effects. The advantages of taking medication in jelly form is that it is preferred by people who dislike swallowing hard tablets and because it is in liquid form, it gets to work fast so you can get enjoy sex.

Are There Any Side Effects with Super P Force Jelly?

The side effects are experienced by very few people and include redness in the face, a congested nose and headaches. With regards to taking any medicines, it is better to follow the dosage instructions to benefit then most from the product.

Buy Super P Force Jelly Online

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