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  • Posted On:26 Mar 2019
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
Super P Force Jelly Helps With ED

If you have been suffering with premature ejaculation (PE) as well as erectile dysfunction (ED), you could be forgiven for wondering if you will ever be able to enjoy sex again. In a word: Yes. Incredible strides have been made in terms of sexual remedies for men with problems in the bedroom. When you buy Super P Force Jelly, there are numerous advantages:

• It treats erectile dysfunction

• It treats premature ejaculation

• Being in the form of a liquid jelly it is easy to consume

• The body absorbs the jelly quickly so you can get on with sex

• The dual-action of this treatment results in you get two remedies in one

How Does Super P Force Jelly Work?

This fantastic, super medication contains not one but two active ingredients. Super P Force Jelly contains 100 mg sildenafil which assists with erectile dysfunction and it contains dapoxetine 60 mg which ensures that you do not climax before you are ready. At a very basic level, male sexuality is about blood into the penis and blood out.

When a man gets turned on, the enzyme cGMP facilitates the flow of blood into the penis and this is why it gets hard. When a man orgasms, the enzyme PDE-5 functions to let blood flow out of the penis which then returns to a soft state. Sildenafil blocks the action of the PDE-5 so the man can maintain his erection for long enough to have satisfying sex.

Dapoxetine increases serotonin making it possible for the man to control when he climaxes. These two effective active ingredients work simultaneously to ensure that you enjoy healthy sex once again.

Are There Side Effects or Precautions?

As with most medication there are side effects but for this remedy they are moderate. You could experience nasal congestion, a slight headache and a red face. Do not take Super P Force Jelly without first consulting your doctor if you have heart problems, low or high blood pressure, liver or kidney disorders and sickle cell anaemia.

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