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  • Posted On:23 Aug 2019
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
Take Sildenafil Tablets for Much-Improved Erections

You and your partner have always enjoyed sex on a fairly regular basis and you have never struggled to get an erection. Recently though you have found that it is a battle to stay erect while having sex and your partner is disappointed. Although she has tried on more than one occasion to broach the issue with you, you are embarrassed to discuss it and feel as if you are a failure in the bedroom.

This has in turn led to unresolved tension between the two of you and you are upset because you have always got along so well. Your partner has suggested that it does not matter if you do not have sex but she would enjoy hugging, caressing and massage. You have not shown an interest in love-play because you are worried about the shame of once again, not getting hard.

Your partner has taken positive steps to rectify the problem – the kind of steps a sex therapist would recommend. Firstly, you have to force yourself to discuss the issue with your partner as it is a problem that involves both of you. Secondly, it is a wise suggestion to take the emphases off sex and climaxing and instead focus on simply giving each other physical pleasure.

In many cases, touching and massage leads to sex but bear in mind that sex must not be the focus. Thousands of men buy sildenafil UK which helps them to maintain erections.

More Information about Sildenafil Tablets

Viagra and Kamagra are sildenafil tablets that are widely used by men all over the world who suffer from ED. Although Viagra and Kamagra contain 100mg of sildenafil you can also sildenafil tablets that contain 120mg of sildenafil. These are Malegrasildenafil tablets and they are taken by men for whom the standard 100mg is not enough.

The 20mg difference in these sildenafil tablets makes a great difference to men who battle with ED.

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