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  • Posted On:18 Jun 2020
  • Posted By: Michael Laskarus
To Enjoy Sex More Take Lovegra UK

Lovegra pills help women who do not want to have sex because they have a dry vagina making penetration very painful or because for a variety of reasons they do not have any desire to have sex. Why do women stop wanting to have sex? There are many reasons: some are psychological and others are physical and often it is a combination of both of these.

If you are going through menopause you may find that the imbalance in your hormones totally depletes you of your sex drive but that once you take HRT (hormone replacement therapy) your libido along with your sex life resumes. If you still find that you lack a sex drive after taking HRT, you can take Lovegra pills which will boost your libido and help with lubrication in the vagina.

You may also find that you lack the desire for sex because your partner is being insensitive and unpleasant towards you. If that is the case you must sort out the issues between you sooner rather than later and you can do this by visiting a therapist who has experience dealing with issues between couples. The therapist may recommend a sexual aid such as Lovegra in the UK.

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