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Privacy Disclaimer

The privacy policy of Kamagrafast.com is in accordance with the standards set by regulatory bodies in the UK and EU and regulations that pertain to data collection and use. By using our website Kamagrafast.com and providing personal information, the user agrees to, and is bound by, the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions agreement. Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time without any prior notice. All users are advised to periodically visit this page in order to learn more about the rules and policies that govern their privacy and personal information. Using this website means you agree with and accept the Privacy Policy.

The Information We Collect

Kamagrafast.com collects two types of user information—identifiable and non-identifiable. Non-identifiable information such as browser name, IP address, and operating system type are collected each time a user or member visits Kamagrafast.com. Non-identifiable information is subject to sale, exchange, transfer, and/or distribution with third parties. Identifiable information such as personal information and banking details are only collected once, when the user signs up with Kamagrafast.com as a new member. As such, the user has to agree to provide accurate details for information like name, date of birth, billing and shipping address, phone number, email address and banking details. However, a user may modify or update this information in cases where details are inaccurate or in cases where they have moved to a different address, are using a different email or phone number, and so on. Users are allowed to visit Kamagrafast.com anonymously, provided that their purpose of use is to gain information about the medications available only. Please note that Google is a third-party vendor of Kamagrafast.com and uses cookies for ads which appear on our website. As a user, you have the right to discontinue the Google DART feature that displays based on the browsing activity of the user by contacting the ads content networking department.

Use of Information

Identifiable and non-identifiable information is used by Kamagrafast.com to improve the user experience and provide a more personalised experience for future orders. Personal information and banking details are collected in order to fulfil shipment and transaction requirements. Kamagrafast.com may contact its members via email to notify them about promotions, discounts, and services provided for a specific period of time. We do not reveal, issue, distribute, or provide personal information of the members to third parties. We provide a safe and secure buying platform for our members to protect their privacy and personal information.

Use of Cookies

Kamagrafast.com uses cookies to improve the user experience of visitors and members. Cookies enable service providers associated, affiliated, and partnered with Kamagrafast.com to determine non-identifiable information of the user. Users and members of Kamagrafast.com reserve the right to stop granting permission for collecting cookies. Kamagrafast.com works with third party vendors, service providers, and websites to improve user experience of its members. Rest assured, Kamagrafast.com does not grant permission to any third parties to access, collect, or use personal information of members.

Data Privacy and Protection

Kamagrafast.com has high standards of security policies and industry best security features deployed to ensure that the data of visitors and members is safe at all times. Our commitment to protecting your data is the reason why we are one of the top online pharmacies in the UK. Kamagrafast.com maintains a secure server and all monetary transactions conducted on the website are Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted, which is the benchmark for data security in online transactions. Only authorised personnel have the special permissions and access to further fortify security. WARNING: If a user engages in suspicious, illegal, and criminal activity on Kamagrafast.com or any of its network websites, we maintain the right to disclose personal information of the user to law enforcement agencies. Cybercrime will not be tolerated by Kamagrafast.com under any circumstances.

Have Any Questions?

Please spare time to go through the Terms and Conditions of Kamagrafast.com and visit our FAQ’s page to find out more about Kamagrafast.com. If you still have questions or want to make an inquiry, get in touch with customer support via our Contact Us page.

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